Converting Low Producing Sands and Sandy Loam Soils into Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems while Improving the Environment

HYDRUS–2D Modeling of SWRT Membrane Configurations Predicted Greater Water Retention for Longer Periods of Time

HYDRUS modeling assisted with the development of most ideal shape of SWRT Membrane troughs (a). White lines represent SWRT membranes.

Identification of Optimal Depths of SWRT Membranes Based Upon Grain Size and Soil Texture. Finer Sand Grains Require Deeper Membranes and Coarser Sand Grains Require Shallower Membranes.

Engineered Depths and Configurations of SWRT Membranes Enables Appropriate Drainage for Maintaining Optimal Soil Oxygen in Plant Root Zone

Full Configuration of SWRT Membrane Distributions for Optimizing Soil Water, Nutrients, and Oxygen Enabling Stress Free Plant Growth that Maximizes Genetic Potential of all Plants